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DIY Handle Leather Drawer Pull Leather Pull Leather Dresser design Door Handle

RM 180.00


Leather ages naturally and patina over time. Avoid getting your leather wet, if it does, wipe clean with a lightly damp cloth and allow to dry out naturally. Keep away from direct heat of radiators as this will dry out your leather. Your leather may begin to darken over time if kept in direct sunlight, adding more character to your unique planter.


-Leather thickness 3.5mm-4mm

SMALL - Width 3cm x Length 23cm
- Includes one parts for assembly

LARGE - Width 3cm x Length 32cm
- Includes one parts for assembly

[Provide two installation methods slotted drive screws ]
By default, the length of the screws provided will be 2.5cm for drawers/cabinets thickness of 1.8cm. If you need a longer length, kindly state during checkout.
Please see which screw length is needed for your drawers/cabinets etc.

NOTE : Colors may vary from computer screen to computer screen.